COVID19 - Digital Appeal

Last year the Cockadoodledo Trust was able to donate a total of £10,000 to four of our local hospices.  As you may know, due to the COVID19 pandemic, the hospices have had to close all their shops and cancel their fundraising events. This situation presents them with a dire cash-flow problem.  We have had to cancel the week of 'Sculptures in the Garden' and all other group visits so this drastically limits our ability to support the hospices. 

What can we do?  Well the spring garden has never looked better and next year we will plan to open in the spring as well as summer. However the hospices need help now.  So we will post regular photos/videos on the website, and on social media to try and brighten your day during lockdown and we hope that they might encourage you to give a little to Katherine's Cockadoodledo Trust by clicking on this donate link (or by other means) so that we can help all the Hospices. You can be reassured that though you may be in lockdown, we are still letting the chickens out!

Please also share this information to as many friends as possible and encourage them to follow us on facebook, instagram or twitter in these difficult times.

Thank you so much and stay safe.


Cockadoodledo Trust

The Cock-a-Doodle-DO! Trust


The main objective of the Cock a Doodle Do Trust is to create a greater awareness of the wonderful work carried out by some 230 Hospices around the United Kingdom and thereby maximise fundraising to help with the £800 million that it costs to run them.


A Chicken House fit for a Prince

One of the ways in which the trust works is to raise money by way of a charity garden formed in a secluded woodland glade in Gloucestershire. This will be home to a number of rare poultry breeds, housed in a copy of HRH the Prince of Wales' chicken house at Highgrove.


The Idea
The intention is that in the long term the garden can be used to raise funds through charity activities and artistic retreats, as well as hopefully provide a place of reflection for everyone who knew Katherine and loved her... but this is just part of the story....

Katherine Meyer

Prior to her passing Katherine said that St Peter's manage to make the hospice feel like a five star hotel and that the staff are simply wonderful, each and every one of them, and that she would like to leave the Hospice something in her will and help them in some way.


So an idea was born... By combining her passions, we are looking to create a charity garden and rare breed poultry centre as part of Katherine's desire to raise money for St Peter's  and the wider hospice movement: so the Cock a Doodle do Trust was inaugurated.

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Contact us: 

Katharines Farm, Swinhay, Wotton Under edge, Glos


Registered Charity No. 1160951



Twitter: @doodledotrust